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Can I slow down S3 download

Jun 19 '13 at 17:05

I'm using Chilkat background download to get 30M files from Amazon S3 on iOS devices. Some of my customers experiences serious download problems when downloading over wifi. I think that it's caused by buffer bloating ( -- Their wifi routers have too big buffers which causes big downloads to fail.

Is there way to limit bandwidth usage / slow down download?


The C++ http library has a SoRcvBuf property you can set, I guess this is the iOS equivelant:

And perhaps you can include "sleep" calls in your eventcallbacks:


It seems suggestion doesn't work for me. Settings buffer size bigger or smaller don't affect since when buffer of intermediate network hardware is full, it doesn't help how big the buffers are -- I just need to be able to slow down download.

I'm using "http.UseBgThread = NO;". It seems that eventcallbacks are not called then, so I can't add sleep calls to background process.

Any other ideas?