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Jun 04 '13 at 09:28


my program is running for number of years for nearly 500 clients running mostly XP and WIN7. recently we installed application for 3 new clients running Win8. everything worked fine until this morning when 2 out of 3 Win8 clients were stopped by fatal error and were unable to make a transaction.

here is the exact error: SEC_E_INVALID_TOKEN. Aborting client SSL handshake because of fatal error. Possible solution: Check to see if your server requires client-side certificate. If so it can be provided by calling SetSSLClientCert prior to connecting. Error performing handshake failed.

We tried to restore Win8 to previous known status still did not help. Anyone would have an idea what could be different win Win8? thank you in advance.


You must be using a very old version of Chilkat, because Chilkat has for a number of years stopped using Microsoft's "SChannel" implementation for SSL/TLS and instead uses its own proprietary implementation (which of course is needed if Chilkat is to be cross-platform). You would never get a "SEC_E_INVALID_TOKEN" error with a newer version of Chilkat. I would recommend downloading and using the latest Chilkat version.


I found solution eventually. It turned out latest version won't fix problem. I should have set SSlProtocol to SSL3.0 explicitly. I never used that property in past for XP or Win7. thanks for your reply thou.