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What license should I buy?

Jun 05 '13 at 13:03

We work with Delphi XE2.

We have downloaded: (dll)

We only use this code for PKCS7 signatures:

crypt := CkCrypt2_Create;

if CkCrypt2_UnlockComponent(crypt,'30-day trial')=false then begin ShowMessage('Crypt component unlock failed'); Exit; end;

cert := CkCert_Create; if CkCert_LoadByCommonName(cert,PWideChar(scn))=false then begin ShowMessage('error :'); Exit; end;

// Make sure this certificate has a private key available:

if CkCert_HasPrivateKey(cert)=false then begin ShowMessage('No private key available for signing.'); Exit; end;

CkCrypt2_putEncodingMode(crypt,'base64'); CkCrypt2_SetSigningCert(crypt,cert); outstr:=CkCrypt2__opaqueSignStringENC(crypt, inStr);

What license should I buy?


Accepted Answer

The API reference shows into which products the code is grouped:

So, CkCrypt2 is part of the "Crypt2" product. CkCert (among others) is freeware. Pricing and licensing info here:

Also make sure to look at the bundles, they are very cheap compared to buying (multiple) separate products