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Visual Studio for Windows 8 Target CPU ARM and Chilcat dll 32/64 bit

Jul 08 '13 at 13:43

We are developing a Windows8 Metro style application and intend to run it on x64, x86 and ARM platforms. I downloaded the 32bit and 64bit dll for dotnet framework 4.5, but I can not find a dll for the ARM processor. Does it actually exist and if not is the intention to develop one for this platform?


Yes, Chilkat intends to provide these soon. I'll post to this Forum when something is ready.


Any updates to this?


There has been work on this, and here's the current roadmap:

1) Version 9.4.1 QA testing is finishing today.

2) The version 9.4.1 release will begin today/tomorrow and the release will progress across all supported programming languages / operating systems over the next week.

3) Mono support for Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, etc. will follow. (Existing customers waiting for Mono pre-releases will be able to test prior to official release.) The Mono assembly should be usable within Xamarin.

4) The Windows Phone C++/CX wrapper generation is mostly complete. Support for Windows Phone 8 will be via a Windows Runtime Component. This will follow the Mono release.

5) Providing libs and assemblies for Windows Store (Metro) apps will follow. It requires an internal brain transplant for sockets and threading because Windows Store does not support the standard sockets and threading Chilkat currently uses internally. This needs to be implemented, and will take some time.