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Hashing Algorithm (SHA-256) gives the same result with different data

Jun 12 '13 at 14:39


I'm trying to perform a hashing algorithm (sha256) on a variable entered by the user called "number". But the problem is: whenever the user enters a different number but with the same number of digits, I get the SAME hash result. for example: when entering 1234567890, I get the same result, as entering 6548932495.

And here is the Hashing function:

const char * Nonce_Hash2(const char * number) { CkCrypt2 crypt1;

bool success;
success = crypt1.UnlockComponent("********************");
if (success != true) {
    printf("Crypt component unlock failed\n");    }


const char * hash2;

//  Hash using SHA-256
hash2 = crypt1.hashStringENC(number);
return hash2;

Can some one please tell me what's the problem with my function! Regards.


I can assure you there is nothing wrong with CkCrypt2::hashStringENC.

Check your input just prior to calling hashStringENC: printf("%sn",number);

Turn on verbose logging (crypt1.put_VerboseLogging(true)) and then examine the crypt1.lastErrorText() after calling hashStringENC.