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Chunked content length

Jun 12 '13 at 15:36


I'm struggling a bit with chunked content

With NON chunked data I get the ComContentLength of the ResposneObj. If it's >0 then make sure I have enough string space allocated and then call ComBodyStr of the ResposneObj

However with chunked content there is no Content-Length so how can I know how big it is before calling ComBodyStr ?



BodyStr is a string property of the HttpResponse object. (I'm assuming this is Visual DataFlex?) I don't have any experience with it, so I don't have any good answer. It seems to me that your question would also apply to every single string property across all Chilkat objects. In fact, it would apply to all string properties on any ActiveX object, whether it be Chilkat or not. There must be something you can do within your own programming language.


Thanks for the prompt response

Yes this is Visual Dataflex

Not quite. Any string property that is returned that is <64k will work fine

If it is >64k then I need to set an argument_size to the appropriate size or greater so the string will contain the full data and not be truncated at 64k

I can see I can get the Transfer-Encoding from the header to see if it is chunked but by the sounds of it there is no way to know the length of BodyStr before I get it if it is a chunked transfer ?

Thanks in advance