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How to use Chilkat.Imap from Access 2003 VBA?

Jul 26 '12 at 17:27

I am trying out the IMAP functions. Some of the functions on your web site have the following code Dim email As New ChilkatEmail2

What do I need to install so that this code is accessible from Access 2003 VBA? I had no problem with ChilkatImap. Your products are fabulous! Please help me with this little glitch.


Hidden away in the Chilkat blog is a post that lists each Chilkat ActiveX object and the DLL that contains it: ActiveX Object to DLL Mapping

To use Chilkat IMAP, two DLL's are needed: ChilkatMail2.dll and ChilkatImap.dll

The ChilkatMail2.dll contains ChilkatEmail2, ChilkatEmailBundle2, and ChilkatMailMan2.

The email object (ChilkatEmail2) and email bundle object (ChilkatEmailBundle2) are used by both IMAP and MailMan (which is the SMTP/POP3 implementation).

Therefore, make sure the ChilkatMail2.dll is registered via regsvr32. (see How to Register an ActiveX DLL using regsvr32 for detailed help.)

If creating an object using the CreateObject statement, then each object's reference documentation page shows the string that should be passed to CreateObject. For example, see the ChilkatEmail2 Reference Documentation Page.