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Moving From FTP to SFTP

Jul 23 '13 at 12:01


We have a program that is successfully working with one of our clients via the Chilkat.FTP2 control. We have a new client and they do not have FTP but SFTP. I have been looking at the Chilkat.SFTP control and notice that it has different methods and properties. My questions are:

1) Will the Chilkat.SFTP do everything that the Chilkat.FTP2 will do, albeit with different methods and properties? 2) Is there something in Chilkat.SFTP that will correspond to FTP2.NumFilesAndDirs ?

Thanks so much.


They pretty much have the same functionality, and yes they are different. We have two seperate classes (perl), and it would really be very nice to have just one method, with a type of ftp as a parm. The methods would all be the same, and the brunt of the work would just be done behind the scenes.