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update of the Chilkat Ruby module with Ruby 1.9.*?

Jul 23 '13 at 17:31

Hi, Ruby 1.8.7 will be (or already been) discontinued soon. copy/paste from "The Chilkat Ruby module works with Ruby v1.8.. It is not yet compatible with Ruby v1.9.." There is a plan to an update? Regards


Chilkat uses SWIG for the Ruby wrapping around the C++ lib. SWIG had issues w/ Ruby 1.9.*, and that is the reason Chilkat was unable to support it. It's been a while since we last checked, and a new version(s) of SWIG have since been released. It's on Chilkat's checklist to take another shot at getting it to work. I'll be looking at this in the next few days and will post here w/ results..


The Chilkat Ruby 1.9 builds are available for Linux and Mac OS X (see )

Windows builds and Ruby 2.0 build are also coming shortly..


Thank you very much. I am waiting the ruby 2.0 build. I didn't expect updates so early. Good job. Regards