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SignatureVerified fails

Aug 14 '13 at 10:04

We upgraded our application from .net 3.5 to 4.5. So we altough changed from ChilkatDotNet2.dll ( to ChilkatDotNet45.dll ( Now every call of the property SignatureVerified returns false. The property TrustedRoot is false too. If we run the old Version of the program (.net 35) everything works fine. The program runs on W2K8R2-machine with all updates / patches. On my Win7x64 developer-machine I could not reproduce the failure. Any idea? Could you please help.


LastErrorText? I would need more information than simply "SignatureVerified returns false"...


1) Please use <pre> tags to make the LastErrorText readable.

2) Please understand the basic concepts and idea for LastErrorText. Read this:

3) You've provided me with the LastErrorText for the Cert object where the last method called or property accessed was Rfc822Name. This does not help. I would need to see the LastErrorText for the method call where the signature verification actually takes place.