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SSH host key fingerprint?

Aug 09 '13 at 14:20

I am somewhat new to writing code for SSH communication. I noticed that when using programs like Putty or TeraTerm, when connecting to a new host, I am always prompted to accept the new hosts RSA Host Key Fingerprint. After that, the fingerprint is cached and I no longer get prompted. I noticed that when using the Chilkat libraries (per the online examples), I am never prompted to accept any fingerprints. Is there a way to add this functionality?


It would never make sense for the Chilkat lib to initiate any kind of interaction with a user-interface. This is because the Chilkat API's are non-visual, and can most certainly be used in many environments where there is no user-interface -- such as in Windows services, batch/cron jobs, server-side web apps, etc. There is a property named HostKeyFingerprint that your app may use if it wishes. It would be up to your application to keep a list, perhaps in a file, of already-accepted hostkey fingerprints, and it would be up to your app to write code to display a dialog box, etc.