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The IMAP Search method is not returning what I expect.

Aug 16 '13 at 11:02

The IMAP Search method is not returning what I expect? What is the cause?


I would recommend the following:

1) Make sure you test with the latest version of Chilkat just to be sure it's not something that could've been an issue with a previous version. I don't recall anything matching this problem description, but it's still possible.

2) Examine the contents of the SessionLog property for the Search method call. Turn on session logging by setting the KeepSessionLog property equal to true. If the session log is too long, you can turn on session logging just prior to calling Search.

The SessionLog shows the exact command sent to the server, and the exact response. There are three possibilities:

1) The session log shows what you expect, but Chilkat does not return what you expect. This would indicate a problem in Chilkat.

2) The session log shows an unexpected command being sent -- again this would indicate a problem in Chilkat.

3) The session log shows the expected command, but an unexpected response -- either the server is behaving incorrectly, or your view of what is actually in the mailbox is incorrect.

If this is GMail, make sure you understand the information here:

and here: