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9.4.1 SP1 instead of 9.4.2

Aug 20 '13 at 17:54

Read your latest blog post. I'm sorry to ask, but why not a 9.4.2?


I won't go into all the dreadful details, but in a nutshell it make it possible to do the new release without a large amount of extra work.

All of the original v9.4.1 builds remain available online, but in a "v9.4.1" sub-directory. If the current v9.4.1 SP1 download URL is this:

then the previous non-SP1 v9.4.1 download will be available here:

I would recommend using the SP1 builds. The original v9.4.1 builds are available for emergency use -- just in case some unforeseen problem exists with a new SP1 build.