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SSH Tunnel Linux Connect

Aug 22 '13 at 11:09


I am trying to use the SSH PHP Extension on my linux server hosted on an VPS Server..The Extension is loaded fine..

I am using the following script:

include("chilkat_9_4_1.php"); $sshTunnel = new CkSshTunnel();; $success = $sshTunnel->UnlockComponent('xxxx'); if ($success != true) { print $sshTunnel->lastErrorText() . "n"; exit; }

$sshTunnel->DestPort = 80; $sshTunnel->DestHostname = '';

$sshTunnel->SshHostname = ''; $sshTunnel->SshPort = xxx; $sshTunnel->SshLogin = 'xxx'; $sshTunnel->SshPassword = 'xxxx'; $listenPort = 3316; //Listen Port $success = $sshTunnel->BeginAccepting($listenPort); if ($success != true) { print $sshTunnel->lastErrorText() . "n"; exit; }

BeginAccepting gives me the following error: It gives me the following error.. ChilkatLog: BeginAccepting: DllDate: Jul 16 2013 ChilkatVersion: UnlockPrefix: xxxxxxx SSH Architecture: Little Endian; 32-bit Language: Linux PHP VerboseLogging: 0 listenPort: 3316 destPort: 0 destHostname: acceptThreadSessionLogPath: Invalid destination port. Invalid destination hostname or IP address. Failed. --BeginAccepting --ChilkatLog

Can you please provide some clues


Please use "pre" tags so that your code and the LastErrorText contents are readable..