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Sftp download file OnPercentDone events raise unreliably on Chilkat 2

Aug 30 '13 at 04:57

Hello. I've just switched my program from using ChilkatDotnet4 to ChilkatDotnet2. I'm using C#. And I'm having a problem with OnPercentDone events here, i use this event to change progress bar value. My program works well when I use .net4 version, but now when download a file, it start at 3%, hang for few second, then immediately to about 80%, and 100%. I set the sftp object's MaxPacketSize to 4096 but it doesnt work. When I set break point at this event, the first one raise at 3%, press F5 and wait for few seconds, then it goes to 6, from now each time i press F5 to continue debugging, it immediately go to next percent, 10, 15,20..80 without waiting any milisecond. Is this a bug? If not how can i fix my problem? Thanks and regards


I changed my solution from using OnPercentDone to calculate it manually and change progress bar value. It works, but i still wonder why using OnPercentDone has this problem.