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POP3 General Questions

Sep 13 '13 at 13:59

How is your component processing to get emails from server (POP3), does it retrieve unread emails, daily emails, ... ?

Does Chilkat modify any property in the retrieved emails in the mailbox ?

Is there any way to mark as read the unread mails processed by Chilkat in the mailbox ?


1) Chilkat would retrieve the emails your application tells it to retrieve. You may retrieve ALL emails in the Inbox, or individual emails by message number or UIDL, or a group of emails specified by a collection of UIDLs. It entirely depends on what methods your application calls to download email.

2) Emails in the mailbox cannot be modified. You may download an email and modify your local copy of it, but the actual email sitting in the Inbox cannot be modified. This is not a limitation in Chilkat -- it's simply the way mail servers and email protocols work.

3) See the online examples for reading "unread" POP3 email. It explains how the POP3 protocol does not have the capability to request "unread" email, nor can it "mark" emails as read or unread. The IMAP protocol can do it, but not POP3.