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Executing UnLockComponent in XP LocksUp XPsp3 completely - Reset

Sep 18 '13 at 19:52


Stepping thru the code I come to this line:

lnSuccess = loCrypt.UnlockComponent("my real key here")

When it executes, the entire system freezes up, nothing works, except the reset button...

Any ideas on what is going on here? XPsp3 with the latest activex controls (downloaded it yesturday).

Also using VFP9sp2.

Thanks, Stanley


I don't see how Chilkat's UnlockComponent method could cause this behavior. When a permanent unlock code is passed, the only thing that happens is that the unlock code is recognized to conform to a particular algorithm and a static boolean variable is set to indicate the unlocked state.

If something other than a permanent unlock code is passed, then the Windows registry would be accessed to check the state of the 30-day trial. Nothing has changed about UnlockComponent for (literally) 10 years.