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Failed to read SSL/TLS application messages on FTP

Sep 18 '13 at 09:48

Hi, I have a problem in a particular client of my software. This software upload a file (a big one, 150MB more or less) to an FTP server, secured by SSL, particularly a FileZilla server. The error I get is this one:

MESSAGE: ChilkatLog: AsyncPutFile: DllDate: Aug 5 2012 UnlockPrefix: CODBITFTP Username: SSP01:Massimo Architecture: Little Endian; 32-bit Language: .NET 4.0 localFileSize: 139756256 initialGreeting: 220 Welcome to GS Link FTP server. Visit our website restartNext: 0 ModeZ: 0 BinaryMode: 1 Sent PROT P command. ProtPResponse: 200 Protection level set to P PbszProt: Elapsed time: 328 millisec Passive transfer mode hostAddr: DataConnect: hostname: port: 5003 ConnectTimeoutMs_1: 60000 This is an IPV4 numeric address. Hostname to IP address resolution not needed. AddrInfoList: AddrInfo: ai_flags: 4 ai_family: 2 ai_socktype: 1 ai_protocol: 0 ai_addrlen: 16 ai_canonname: (NULL) --AddrInfo --AddrInfoList Connecting to IPV4 address. ipAddress2: myIP_5: myPort_5: 1880 connect successful (3) --DataConnect SetupPassiveDataSocket: Elapsed time: 312 millisec command: STOR PutFilename: [/0hyuhi5a.xzj] DataConnectionReady: Elapsed time: 0 millisec StorResponse: 150 Connection accepted ReceivedIntermediateResponse: Elapsed time: 172 millisec ssl_protocol_5: default ConvertToTls: Elapsed time: 688 millisec SendBufferSize: 65536 Sending uncompressed... lastBytesSent: AAF016853647A6456914D038D4F14A64 SentData: Elapsed time: 3906890 millisec Timeout waiting to read socket or accept connection timeoutMs: 60000 Timed out waiting for incoming SSL/TLS messages. timeoutMs: 60000 Failed to read SSL/TLS application messages. Failed to read FTP response line.. FinalReply: Elapsed time: 60344 millisec IdleTimeoutMs: 60000 NumBytesSent: 139756256 Failed to read 2nd STOR reply remoteFtpFile: /0hyuhi5a.xzj --AsyncPutFile --ChilkatLog

The problem is that I can't upload the file, it seems that the connection is timed out, but I don't understand why...

Can you help me?