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CKHttp HttpBeginReceive() is not called

Oct 01 '13 at 09:27


i use the CkHttp library in MFC.

while implementing i followed this example:

This functions are called:

void PercentDone(int pctDone, bool *abort) 
virtual void ReceiveRate(unsigned long byteCount, unsigned long bytesPerSec)
virtual void AbortCheck(bool* abort)
 virtual void ProgressInfo(const char* name, const char* value)

But this are not called:

void HttpBeginReceive(void)
virtual void HttpEndReceive(bool success)

why not?


And there is a new problem in void PercentDone(int pctDone, bool *abort).

If i set *abort = true, the Download will not abort. It stops but the http.Download(..) function not stops.

Can you please help me? Is there a Bug in your Library or do i something wrong?


Is there a mistake in your library?

To test it, i maked a new small projekt and implemented this example:

The method: void HttpBeginReceive(void) ist never called. Why?


There are reasons this post not yet been answered. This is a forum where users are welcome to help other users. It is not an official support channel. Not every post will be quickly answered. Here are some of the criteria used to determine which posts might be answered directly by Chilkat:

  1. If a current customer with non-expired support posts to the forum, and Chilkat recognizes the customer, then the post will be answered as if it was received via private email. In fact, the answer on the forum is likely to be in greater detail as it will likely benefit others.
  2. If a problem is poorly reported with insufficient information, then it may be ignored. For example, Chilkat needs to know what version of Chilkat is being used. Quite often, problems in very old versions of Chilkat are reported and the answer is always to update to the latest version and re-check. Also, indicate what programming language, operating system, .NET Framework, etc. Provide the contents of the LastErrorText if applicable. Provide a code snippet. Put yourself in the shoes of the support engineer who would need this information to understand what is happening.
  3. Questions that are impossible to answer, such as "Please show me how to write an FTP server" are not answered.
  4. Questions unrelated to Chilkat are not answered.

In this case, you haven't specified the version of Chilkat being used, and you are not recognized as a customer under support. Other issues with current customers under support take priority. I have noted your question and will test when time permits, which should be later today.