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ActiveX component can't create object: 'Chillkat.Rss'

Sep 23 '13 at 08:52

I installed the XmlActiveX.msi app as an admin on my Windows 7 workstation, and it looks like the libraries registered properly, but when I run the sample code from the page below (verbatim), I'm getting the error, "ActiveX component can't create object: 'Chillkat.Rss'".

I'm pasting the code into a new text file (with the VBS extension).

Any ideas?


The .msi probably did not have permission to update the registry to do the ActiveX registration. I would recommend instead downloading the .zip containing all the ActiveX DLL's from here:

Then register the DLL's manually. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully.

See this Chilkat blog post for more help in registering ActiveX DLL's: