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System.AccessViolationExcpetion in Http.SynchronousRequest

Oct 23 '13 at 11:50

Hello, using chilkat-win32 nuget package in a .Net 4.0 project, I sometimes have System.AccessViolationExcpetion when calling SynchronousRequest.

Here is stacktrace: Informations sur l'exception : System.AccessViolationException System.AccessViolationExcpetion when using SynchronousRequest Pile : à <module>.ClsHttp.SynchronousRequest(ClsHttp, XString, Int32, Boolean, ClsHttpRequest, ProgressEvent) à Chilkat.Http.SynchronousRequest(System.String, Int32, Boolean, Chilkat.HttpRequest)

Best regards, Prâsad.


If it's not the latest version of Chilkat, then make sure to first test using the latest version.

Otherwise, use the http.DebugLogFilePath property, in conjunction with http.VerboseLogging=true. Re-run your program to get the crash, thus producing the log file, and then either post the contents of the log file here, or send it to

PS> The internal Chilkat HTTP functionality has undergone some internal refactoring since the last release. I can provide the latest pre-release with these changes, which very well might solve the problem. If you wish to receive this, send email to


Hello, sorry for late answer. I just sent an email to suppport.

Best regards, Prâsad.


Thanks! Please try this new build:

If the access violation happens again, please send me the same info using this new build.