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How to Access Sent Mailbox

Oct 04 '13 at 10:45


I want to access the sent mailbox using Chilkat Imap can I do this

Accepted Answer

Have the IMAP object keep a session log by setting the imap.KeepSessionLog property = true, then examine the imap.SessionLog property after the search. (Make sure KeepSessionLog is on prior to the call to SelectMailbox.)

You'll see the exact IMAP commands and responses. If you see the Sent mailbox correctly selected, and then you see the expected SEARCH command, and if the response indicates 0 messages, then there truly are 0 messages in the Sent mailbox. At that point you have to ask yourself why you might think otherwise. What are you looking at that makes it seem like there are actually messages present? Perhaps they are local copies of email no longer on the server? If using GMail, then see this:


When you say "Sent" mailbox, do you mean an actual folder on the IMAP server, or is it the local "Sent" folder managed by Outlook, Thunderbird, or some other email client? If it's an actual mailbox on the IMAP server, it's just a matter of selecting it with the correct name. If it's really just a local folder (local file in your local filesystem) managed by your email client, then it's not accessible via an IMAP API..