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HTTP.QuickGetStr through http-Proxy Timeout

Oct 25 '13 at 11:47

Hi guys, im trying to connect through my http-proxy with QuickGetStr. I set the timeout to 10 seconds. If the proxy is reachable everything goes right and i get a response from the required Server but if the proxy is not reachable and im trying to connect through it, the "http.QuickGetStr" is not running into the timeout and just waiting for ever. Here is an example how i use the component:

            Http = new Chilkat.Http();

                if (!Http.UnlockComponent("UNLOCKCODE"))

                Http.ConnectTimeout = 10000;
                Http.ReadTimeout = 10000;

                Http.UseIEProxy = false;
                Http.ProxyDomain = Properties.Settings.Default.ProxyAdress;
                Http.ProxyPort = Properties.Settings.Default.ProxyPort;
                Http.ProxyLogin = Properties.Settings.Default.ProxyUser;
                Http.ProxyPassword = Properties.Settings.Default.ProxyPassword;
                Http.ProxyLoginDomain = Properties.Settings.Default.ProxyDomain;

                string htmlPage = Http.QuickGetStr(SysAdress);

            catch (Exception)

thanks in advance :)


Accepted Answer

Check to see if these new builds resolve the problem:




I can provide a new build for testing, but I would need to know the .NET Framework. (When posting questions, please mention programming language, operating system, .NET Framework, 32-bit/64-bit or both, architecture, Visual Studio version, Perl version, Python version, or anything else that is necessary to identify what might be needed to provide a new build..)


Sorry for the missing information,

Framework: .NET 4.0 (C#)

OS: Win7 x64

VS: VS2010

Chilkat version:

hope that is enough :)