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Windows 8.1 compatibility

Nov 04 '13 at 10:15

I know it's just been released but we do have some users already got Windows 8.1 and when they install our software it is failing to register the chilkat libraries. We had no problems with Windows 8. We have so far two clients calling with this issue.

Is there a compatibility issue with Windows 8.1?

Regards, Mehmet TSM


I assume you are using the ActiveX DLLs, because the only type of Chilkat build that needs "registration" is the ActiveX's.

The Chilkat ActiveX DLL's are completely standard, plain-vanilla, nothing extraordinary or unusual ActiveX DLL's. They are the standard self-registering ActiveX DLL's that would be produced (w.r.t. registration) if an ActiveX is created by MS Visual Studio and all the defaults are kept as-is. It has been this way for over 10 years.

Therefore, if Microsoft released a new version of Windows such that these plain-vanilla ActiveX's were no longer supported, then the millions of applications that use ActiveX's would cease to work. This will certainly not be the case. If Microsoft Windows 8.1. suddenly does not support plain-vanilla ActiveX's, then it would render the OS virtually useless to almost all users.

Therefore, whatever trouble you might be having with ActiveX registration, is not due to a compatibility issue. It is simply the same kinds of problems experienced in all newer versions of Windows since Vista -- and that has to do with administrative privileges, access permissions to write the registry, etc.