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StatusCode: 406 Download failure

Nov 06 '13 at 07:08

Hello, I am working with Http ActiveX in Visual FoxPro 9. Until two days ago my app was working fine but now it fail every time a download is attempted. No change in code, same target domain. I would appreciate any help to solve this issue. Component Log following:

    DllDate: Feb 28 2011
    UnlockPrefix: JORGELHttp
    Username: SOFT1:Carlos Jones
    Architecture: Little Endian; 32-bit
    Language: ActiveX
    backgroundThread: 0
    localFileAlreadyExists: 0
        httpMethod: GET
        Connecting to web server...
        port: 80
        ConnectTimeoutMs: 10000
        calling ConnectSocket2
        Connect using IPV4.
        ai_protocol: 0
          myPort_1: 2860
          connect successful.
        connectElapsedMs: 109
        -- BuildGetRequest --
        Not auto-adding cookies.
        sendElapsedMs: 0
        StatusCode: 406
        StatusText: Not Acceptable
        Reading response body...
        readResponseElapsedMs: 141
    totalElapsedMs: 250
    ContentLength: 226

TIA. Carlos Jones.


First you should update to the latest version of the Chilkat component you are using, since your current version is quite old (2011).

If the problem persists after updating, HTTP 406 is a server returned error code indicating that the Acceptable Charset, Encoding, Language, and/or Ranges as submitted by the client can not be satisfied by the server. Since this worked before, it's possible that some server-side configuration has changed recently which is causing the request to fail now.

You will need to try some different combinations of Accept headers to see what works with the server now (or consult the server API documentation, or ask the server administrator for advice to see what Accept headers need to be fulfilled before your request can be satisfied by the server).