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Convert RFC822 Date/Time String to SYSTEMTIME?

Nov 04 '13 at 09:51

We use the complete Chilkat Bundle on regular basis and are now using it for emails, using the CkEmail object. To get the date of the email there is the emailDateStr() function available, but, it does not really return the date as a workable datatype, i.e. is there a way to convert this RFC822 formatted string (which is the Date header’s content) to a SYSTEMTIME or other time format that can be used to “calculate”?

As you can see I work in native C++ with the windows 32 API. I could not find an example online, so I was wondering whether you have something available ?


See the CkDateTime class in the online reference documentation. This is the "Swiss Army Knife" for date/time formats -- the conversion is accomplished by setting the CkDateTime object by providing one format, and then getting the date/time in another format.