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CkoCrypt2 progress monitoring in Cocoa

Nov 25 '13 at 09:23


Is there any way to show file encryption and md5 hash calculation percentage on a progressbar in Xcode?

Thank you!


I'm sorry to say that it's not possible yet. At this time (v9.4.1) the Objective-C event callback implementations only exist for SSH, Tar, FTP, SFTP, Zip, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, Socket, and HTTP. This is because they are hand-written. When the event portion of the Objective-C wrappers (around the internal Chilkat C++ implementation) are generated, then events for all classes will be supported. For CkoCrypt2, this would only be for the methods that support events, which at the moment is only the CkEncryptFile/CkDecryptFile/HashFile methods.


Thank you for your answer! I need it only for the mentioned methods. When will be it available approximately?