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Mailman MxLookup says no MX, but email address still works (valid?)

Dec 18 '13 at 17:57

Using MxLookup on mailman in vbscript does (correctly ?) return no MX results for the following email address:


The problem with this is that the email address actually works, but I (perhaps incorrectly ?) presumed that all valid email hostnames are required to have at least one MX record.

I must admit that I don't exactly know how the SMTP server handles the delivery. Perhaps it automatically goes to the domain name ( and uses the MX records found there?

The basic question in all of this is:

  1. Does have an invalid setup (missing MX), or
  2. Is it wrong of me to use MxLookup to validate an email address (besides regex, etc.)?

P.S. Have you considered implementing an email address regex validator (I am aware of VerifyRecipients, but I only want to use pattern syntax validation) into mailman that handles RFC822, RFC5321 or RFC5322 (that would be much appreciated if possible)?

Notice: This is a repost since it got lost in the recent db restore event.