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SFTP FTP Methods

Jan 31 '14 at 14:46

Are there any methods to get the properties of the remote server, like server software/OS/version/ SSH version/encrypt methods?

I do not see any.

WinSCP displays stuff like this in their log. Thanks


No, but after calling the Connect method, it will be in the LastErrorXml under the "serverVersion" tag.


Thanks, will do that. What is your opinion of transfering sftp from servers that have old ssh libs? It that really a safe transfer? Thanks


on the XML part there is no simple example to retrieve and element.

my $xml = new chilkat::CkXml(); my $rc = $xml->LoadXml($f->serverInfo);

this is Perl, how do you simply go after <clientidentifier>



None of the XML routines work. Some of the methods do not exist, and the finds return NULL.

What is the trick on getting these to work?