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SFPT OnUploadRate

Jan 20 '14 at 11:29


I would like to update the dll file, but I have a problem, the latest version does not show the upload details, like BytesPerSec and ByteCount. What could be the problem or what is missing?

There is a small example works good with but not works with

With sftp
.KeepSessionLog = True
.EnableEvents = True
.HeartbeatMs = 100
.Connect("FTP-ADDRESS", 24)
.AuthenticatePw("USER", "PASS")
.UploadFileByName("/", "D:\")
End With

Private Sub sftp_OnUploadRate(sender As Object, args As Chilkat.DataRateEventArgs) Handles sftp.OnUploadRate
Label1.Text = args.BytesPerSec.ToString
Label2.Text = args.ByteCount
End Sub

Private Sub sftp_OnPercentDone(sender As Object, args As Chilkat.PercentDoneEventArgs) Handles sftp.OnPercentDone
ProgressBar1.Value = args.PercentDone
End Sub

Thank you!


This has been fixed/added, but I would need to know the .NET Framework version to post a pre-release download link..


Chilkat .NET v9.5.0 pre-release builds:

4.5 Framework, 32-bit:
4.5 Framework, 64-bit:

4.0 Framework, 32-bit:
4.0 Framework, 64-bit:

2.0/3.5 Frameworks, 32-bit:
2.0/3.5 Frameworks, 64-bit:


Thank you for your answer, I would like to use for .NET3.5 and 4 x86.


Thank you, it works fine!