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Error while fetching Inner Folders in Perticular Mailbox

Jan 17 '14 at 13:45

Hi all, I am using Chilkat.Imap for downloading mails of gmail accout.For some domain account having folder hirarchy eg.INBOX/Sales/Accounts/ARM it will download mail of Inbox but it failing to download other folder.I am provided you error log of chilkat.please help ? Thanks...

SelectMailbox: DllDate: Dec 22 2010 UnlockPrefix: SYSTOOIMAPMAILQ Username: TJ Novak Component: .NET 2.0 mailbox: INBOX/Sales/Accounts/ARM selectMailboxInner: mailboxPath: INBOX/Sales/Accounts/ARM separatorChar: / utf7EncodedMailboxPath: INBOX/Sales/Accounts/ARM Timeout waiting to read socket or accept connection timeoutMs: 60000 Timed out waiting for incoming SSL/TLS messages. timeoutMs: 60000 Failed to read SSL/TLS application messages. Failed to receive remainder of IMAP response. Failed to select/examine mailbox mailbox: INBOX/Sales/Accounts/ARM ImapResponse: Failed.


Make sure to test with the latest version of Chilkat. Also, use "pre" tags when posting a LastErrorText so that it is readable.