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ChilkatXml ChilkatPath update reference return value

Jan 23 '14 at 12:05

I have an issue when using the ChilkatPath method of the ChilkatXml activex object. I mostly use it to update the reference, using the "$" command, which seems to work well. However, I am unable to distinguish when it fails from when it succeeds. According to the example code I should check that the result = vbNullString. However, this is always returning true, even when successful. Here is the code in question where sCKPath is using the "$" command.

function CkGetPathNode(byRef oCKXml, byVal sCKPath)
    dim oCKNode, sResult

set oCKNode = oCKXml.getSelf()

sResult = oCKNode.ChilkatPath(sCKPath)

if sResult = vbNullString then
        set CkGetPathNode = Nothing
        exit function
    end if

set CkGetPathNode = oCKNode
end function

Am I doing this wrong or is there another method to check that ChilkatPath is successful?