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Next ActiveX update ?

Jan 30 '14 at 10:35


I can see most (if not all) the component types be they ActiveX or .NET etc were last updated Aug 2013

I was just wondering when the next refersh of the componets might be and if by chance there might be something in there that would help me with my encryption conundrum last updated here



Chilkat should be releasing v9.5.0 in the next month. This will include the ActiveX's.

There are significant changes in store for the ActiveX. Chilkat will be transitioning to a single ActiveX DLL that contains all of the Chilkat objects. This new ActiveX is such that the version is part of the name, and the CLSID's are new. After v9.5.0, each new version of the Chilkat ActiveX will effectively be an entirely new/different ActiveX because the version is part of the name, and the CLSID's will be re-generated. It will solve the DLL Hell issue, and will allow for programs to continue using an older version of Chilkat (on the same computer) while other programs can update to a newer version.

The v9.5.0 release will be special in that both the individual DLLs and the combined DLL will be available. After v9.5.0, only the combined DLL will be available.

(There is nothing new that might help with matching encryption outputs.)