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Chilkat Http and FTP do not work with Unicode proxy authentication

Feb 10 '14 at 15:56

I'm trying to connect Http and Ftp servers (using CkHttpW and CkFtp2W) via http proxy using Basic authentication. The proxy server (I'm using WinGate) has user with login and passwords represented as Unicode names. It doesn't work, though it works via chrome browser. Also the working scenarion is to connect FTP via HTTP proxy with NTLM authentication. As I can see via spy program (like Wireshark) HTTP component cuts off exactly the second half of my login and the second half of my password. E.g. I have loginpass as "Мама""Тест" and it passes Ма:Те to proxy, base64 encoded. I'm using CkHttpW:put_ProxyLogin(L"Мама") and CkHttpW:put_ProxyPassword(L"Тест").

It seems like a bug or what I'm doing wrong? Can somebody at least suggest a workaround?


Hi there I am facing the same problem and found no solution so far. Please make sure to post here if you find a usefull answer.


RootTag, surely if I solve it. Clarification: I ment really Unicode characters outside of ASCII table, like "Фыва" - chilkat will try to pass only "Фы" part.


Check Pre-Release. Might be fixed!