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SMTP Fails

Feb 10 '14 at 20:52


SMPT fails to authenticate as per the log below. What could the problem be

SendEmail: DllDate: Jan 19 2012 UnlockPrefix: cccc Username: TC6:username Architecture: Little Endian; 32-bit Language: .NET 4.0 recipients: TO: emailaddr totalCount: 1 --recipients renderToMime: createEmailForSending: xSigningAlg: sha1 Auto-generating Message-ID --createEmailForSending renderToMime: Elapsed time: 0 millisec --renderToMime SmtpConnect: SmtpSsl: 0 StartTLS: 0 Need new SMTP connection checkForExistingConnection: Elapsed time: 0 millisec SMTP_Connect: Connecting to SMTP server ConnectTimeoutMs_1: 50000 calling ConnectSocket2 IPV6 enabled connect with NO heartbeat. This is an IPV4 numeric address... AddrInfoList: AddrInfo: ai_flags: 4 ai_family: 2 ai_socktype: 1 ai_protocol: 0 ai_addrlen: 16 ai_canonname: (NULL) --AddrInfo --AddrInfoList Connect using IPV4. ipAddress1: 251 myIP_3: myPort_3: 50746 connect successful (2) socketConnect: Elapsed time: 16 millisec InitialResponse: 220 ESMTP

    initialResponse: Elapsed time: 62 millisec
    sendingHello: EHLO TC6

    sendEhlo: Elapsed time: 0 millisec
    helloResponse: Hi []

250-PIPELINING 250-8BITMIME 250-SIZE 15000000 250 STARTTLS

    helloResponse: Elapsed time: 0 millisec
    This SMTP server did not list authentication methods.
    Defaulting to LOGIN authentication method.
    login_method: LOGIN
    500 Unrecognized command
    Failed to send AUTH LOGIN
    220 ESMTP

EHLO TC6 Hi [] 250-PIPELINING 250-8BITMIME 250-SIZE 15000000 250 STARTTLS AUTH LOGIN 500 Unrecognized command

    Failed to login using LOGIN method
  checkOrMakeSmtpConnection: Elapsed time: 78 millisec

--SendEmail --ChilkatLog


It appears that your SMTP server doesn't support the basic LOGIN method (nor does it report what methods it supports).

Try changing the SmtpAuthMethod property to "NONE", "PLAIN", "CRAM-MD5", or "NTLM" to see which one ultimately works. If you need NTLM authentication, then you may also need to set the SmtpLoginDomain property.