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sftp disconnect code

Apr 09 '14 at 03:06

If I try to logon using a nonexisting username with ChilCat SFtp.AuthenticatePw. Naturally it returns FALSE but I also expect to get an error code in SFtp.DisconnectCode but I only get 0. The server returns errorcodes if I try do do the same thing using e.g. FileZilla graphic SFTP. Is there a way to turn on/off the codes on the clientside ?


Is there somebody who has come across this problem, and might have an answer ?



You're not getting any DisconnectCode, because failing authentication doesn't disconnect you from the server. You are still connected and may try authenticating again with a different password for example. FileZilla GUI may show you an error, but it's not a disconnect error. I hope you understand the difference.