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C++ compiling chilkat email on SLES - 32 Bit

Mar 13 '14 at 10:11

Hello Chilkat community,

i' ve got some problem compiling chilkat software(chilkat-9.4.1-x86-linux-gcc.tar.gz).

My compiler error is: undefined reference to `__fdelt_chk@GLIBC_2.15'.

I'm following the steps to install described on this site: using g++ instead of gcc...

Creating a from the libchilkat-9.4.1.a doesn't work either.

My system is: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (i586) VERSION = 11 PATCHLEVEL = 3 (32 Bit)

My GNU libc is on Version 2.11.3

My g++ is on Version 4.3.4

i cant't upgrade our environment.

Is there a solution for my GNU libc 2.11.3 mentioning that my SLES is 32 Bit.

Please help, because I really need to get this running.


Has nobody an answer?(Chilkat?) Really need to get this running...