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Cocoa CkoSocket accepting connections and getting event callback?

Feb 24 '14 at 17:11

Hi there,

I recently downloaded the Cocoa objective-c library and am attempting to make a HTTP server but having some struggles.

I want to use the CkoSocketProgress callbacks and strictly use the Async calls and not manage the background thread/event loop myself. When doing this it appears the AsyncAcceptStart method isn't working 100% as the callbacks never get notified of an accept complete.

Here's what my code does:

1) Creates a subclass of CkoSocketProgress that implements all the methods 2) Creates a CkoSocket class 3) Calls setEventCallbackObject: on CkoSocket passing in the previously made CkoSocketProgress instance 4) Calls BindAndListen:backlog on CkoSocket 5) Calls AsyncAcceptStart: with a 0ms timeout 6) Attempt connection to server

I was assuming at this point AcceptComplete on the CkoSocketProgress object would be called, however it never is.

If I instead use the blocking API of AcceptNextConnection: the server successfully accepts the incoming connection and fires the event callback.

Curious if this is the correct way to use the libraries or is actually a bug on my end? It seems odd the non-async methods will fire the callbacks but the async methods wont.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Cheers, Robert


Apologies for the duplicate, weird signup issue.


Event callbacks will not happen for asynchronous methods running in a background thread. A callback, by definition, is something that happens in the same thread. For example:

App --> calls Chilkat method --> calls back into App ---> app returns control to Chilkat method --> Chilkat method returns control to App