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[VS 2010/C++]CkStore::get_NumCertificates always return 0

Mar 06 '14 at 15:27

Here is the code :

    CkCreateCS ccs;

    //  Open the local machine store:
    CkCertStore *cs = 0;
    cs = ccs.OpenRegistryStore("localMachine","SOFTWARE/Microsoft/SystemCertificates/AuthRoot/Certificates");
    if (!(cs == 0 )) {
        CkCert *cert = 0;
        long numCerts;
        numCerts = cs->get_NumCertificates();
        long i;
        //  Print the distinguished name of each certificate
        for (i = 0; i <= numCerts - 1; i++) {
            cert = cs->GetCertificate(i);
            delete cert;
        delete cs;
    else {

ccs.OpenRegistryStore return true but get_NumCertificates return 0 although I have a lot of certificates I can see through regedit/certmsg.msc.

Where is the problem in this source code ?

Thank you for your help.


When running certmgr.msc, the certificate stores you will see are for CurrentUser (not LocalMachine). You would need to start the certmgr.msc in a very specific way to see the LocalMachine cert stores.

Try passing "CurrentUser" instead of "localMachine" to OpenRegistryStore.


CurrentUser or LocalMachine : same problem : Always 0. This code works for you ? Did you test it ?