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I would like to know

  1. mailman.SendEmail(email) - is this asynchronus? if not does chilkat support sending mail asynchronusly??
  2. Where can i find some samples for MailMerge?
  3. string str = email.GetDeliveryStatusInfo("test@test.com.au"); - i have given an invalid email address. does this tell me what was the status info? As of now though it is invalid email address the str is having a null value.
  4. How would I know whether email delivered successfully??? I tried to use the following - Chilkat.Bounce obj = new Chilkat.Bounce(); bool status = obj.ExamineEmail(email); string addr = obj.BounceAddress.ToString(); with an invalid email address.....but it doesn't helped me. 5.Where can i found some samples using Background Sending?? Is this like sending Asynchronous way of sending emails??

All I need is some info on the following, (each time we may send more than 1000 emails)... 1.Mail Merge 2.Background Sending 3.Bounce Mail 4.Asyncronous sending............

Can you please help me on this. Thank you.

Regards, Swapna.

asked Jun 05 '12 at 00:00

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Dear Swapna,

Each question posted to this forum should focus on a single topic. The title of each question should accurately reflect the content. Please re-ask in 4 separate questions and I will be happy to respond to each.

Best Regards, Matt Fausey Chilkat Software, Inc.


answered Jun 05 '12 at 12:06

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chilkat ♦♦

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