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POP3 Max Connections Exceeded

Mar 11 '14 at 09:02

we are using Chilkat C#.Net email component in our application for reading and sending emails. We are using Office 365 for our mail communications.

PFA for log files of errors we got in our application.

Here are the criteria where we are getting the errors of each respectively:

1)Chilkat_MaxConnections_Exceeded : We have configured a pop3 email address to read emails at an interval of 5 seconds through windows service. After reading of emails started, at specific point of time, this error ‘You have exceeded the maximum number of connections that are allowed in 5 mins’ is getting logged in the file. And no further action of reading emails is taking place.

2)Chilkat_POP3_Authentication_Failed : We have configured a pop3 email address (eg. domain ‘’) to read emails at an interval of 5 seconds. Sometimes, we are getting the same error in this file, but it continues to read emails after some time.

3)Chilkat_WSAEWOULDBLOCK : In both of the above mentioned criteria, we are getting the error in this file.

Please let us know the scenarios where we can expect to get these errors and how to resolve them. And also let us know if any other information required from our end.


  1. There is no limit within Chilkat itself for maximum number of connections. It is the POP3 server that is limiting the number of connections. This limitation, if any, is dependent on the POP3 server and how it is configured/managed. The only solution is to NOT exceed the max number of connections allowed by the POP3 server.
  2. Again, this is a server issue. It is very likely disallowing logins when the frequency of checking/authentication is too high. The only solution is to adhere to the adhere to the behaviors allowed by the particular POP3 server.
  3. Regarding WSAEWOULDBLOCK, see this: