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Question: Upload Issues with Fetching the 100 Continue response

Mar 14 '14 at 13:05

The server I am uploading file and 3 params to does not support the Fetching the 100 Continue response. Each time I try to upload the server fails because of this.

I am wondering if there is a way to turn this off in the dll file. I have found a way to turn it off if I was using .net web requests but I have not found a way around it when I try to use the upload dll.

Any help would be appreciated..



After looking into this further it seems the server I am uploading to only accepts html 1.0 and the dll is sending html 1.1 Is there a way to change this??? Rick


Try setting the Expect100Continue property = False.

To send HTTP 1.0 requests (which is a rare need), you would need to use the Chilkat.Http object, and you would need to call a method that uses the Chilkat.HttpRequest object. The HttpRequest object has an HttpVersion property which defaults to "1.1", but can be set to "1.0".


Yes that worked.. I didn't see that in the docs so I would not have tried that one..

Thanks a lot.. Rick