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mfc http no put_ProxyLoginDomain(const char *newVal) funktion available?

Mar 21 '14 at 03:40


why has my chilkat library no put_ProxyLoginDomain(const char *newVal); function?

put_ProxyLogin is available but not put_proxyLoginDomain?!?

Thanks a lot

Greeting from Germany ;)


Maybe you are using an old version?


thans, i updated the dll, this funktion is now available.

BUT: You changed many things in CkFtp2. i had a ready made program. and no many many many problems.

where are the functions: GetFile2(soruce,dest,progresshandler)??

all functions with progresshandler are gone. youre reference isnt updated. also the examples.

I found a function called put_EventCallbackObject. This isn+t defined in your reference. ;( The function will a parameter type "CkFTP2Progress" i had CkFtpProgress. no all must be different?