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Reverse SSH tunnel possible?

Mar 24 '14 at 13:14

Hello, we are a Olive Oil company located in Central America, and we are looking or a software that can do some kind reverse SSH tunnel, let me explain exactly what we need to achieve: One client must connect using a secure SSH tunnel to our main server, the tunnel must remain open for about 2-3 hours and we need to forward a port (or more), or maybe create a socks5 proxy on the client side, so that an automated software can access a resource located inside the clients private network on a server other than the client. Our server will always be public and the clients will always be inside a private network behind a NAT or maybe a firewall. I must add that the server will have a Centos OS, and out clients will have different versions of windows. Can this be done using Chilkat? Thank you.

Talia Simoneaux Project Manager


I'm sorry to say that this is not yet possible with Chilkat. It may become possible in the future -- this feature has been on our To Do list for a long time..