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telnet socket and buffer size

Apr 07 '14 at 18:13 using the socket for telnet , i m getting "Please press any key to continue(Ctrl+C to interrupt)" in output , same thing i m getting through command prompt telnet on windows-7 but on changing the height in command prompt setting, getting continuous output. How to get the same result through socket ???? 2. getting too much garbage ie.  .. whereas no garbage through windows telnet , what may the problem ..


Telnet is a protocol that is for line-oriented (non-graphical) terminals. It is not a simple/raw TCP/IP connection. Chilkat does not implement telnet. The "garbage" you are seeing are terminal control codes (i.e. terminal emulation).

My recommendation is that before beginning to implement SOMETHING, make sure you understand the most basic fundamental concepts about what that SOMETHING is. For example, see