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Chilkat FTP2 work with SlimFTP server?

Apr 07 '14 at 13:25

Does Chilkat Python FTP Library with FTPS Support working with SlimFTP server ?

I have a directory of video files on machines running SlimFTP Server, I want to pull the files from the remote machines to a central server. I know SlimFTP does not have many of the fancy FTP commands to list files like MLSD.

I just need download with resume using file size only. Basically I just want to ensure I download the entire directory, my network is wifi and the remote machines are mobile so resume support on file size difference is important in cases where connections drop mid transfer.


Yes, the Chilkat FTP2 component/library should work with SlimFTP. Chilkat will take advantage of advanced features when an FTP server supports them, but does not require an FTP server to support advanced features.