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Password Protect A Zip File

Apr 11 '14 at 02:37


I am using ChilkatDotNet2.dll.

Using this dll I am creating a zip file. I want to password protect the file. SetPassword, PasswordProtect, EncryptPassword, DecryptPassword method have been tried. But they work only if 'We right click on the zip file, and then Extract the files to a path'. Only in this scenario the zip file is asking for a password.

If we double click on the zipped file, the files are visible. This should not happen. even to view these files on the double click event of zip file i want a password to be prompted.

Please help on this issue.


As far as I know this is not unusual. Winzip and other tools do the same. The password you set is for extracting the files only. There is no way I am aware of hiding the file list with a password.