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Can I save eml to memory stream rather than disk file

Aug 18 '12 at 08:35

I am currently evaluatiing your mailman Active X for Delphi, and am very impressed with the functionality. What I am trying to do is to store emails into a database, and I would like to avoid as much as possible saving to disk, and then loading from disk into a menmory stream and then saving to database. Is there a direct way I can do this ? Thanks


Yes, the string returned by ChilkatEmail2.GetMime() is the complete MIME of the email (which includes all attachments). It is exactly what is saved to a .eml file when calling SaveEml. You may store the string returned by GetMime() into your database. To re-load an email object instance from the MIME, call ChilkatEmail2.SetFromMimeText(mimeStr)