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SSH remote port forwarding

Sep 14 '12 at 08:42


Is it possible to implement, and how, remote host port forwarding with CkSsh/CkSshTunnel?

Thanks, Balazs




Hello The examples are about local port forwarding, and that one it works. However I am interested in remote port forwarding, also known as "server side connection". Just to clear confusion on how I understood port forwarding on SSH tunnels: - local port forwarding: TCP server is running on same host as SSH server; TCP client on SSH client is able to connect to remote TCP server as it would be on client (see command -L for openSSH). - remote port forwarding: the other way around, TCP server is on SSH client, TCP client on SSH server is able to connect to TCP server as it would be on SSH server side (see command -R for openSSH). See the descriptions at

So, my question is still valid....

Thanks, Regards, Balazs


CkSsh/CkSshTunnel does not yet support remote port forwarding (also known as a reverse SSH tunnel). This is a feature planned for a future version.