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Is is possible to create MainMan email with bounce flag?

Apr 24 '14 at 12:52

Hi, I am creating an automatic mail handling and reply system using MailMan component.

Is it possible to add a "flag" on a created email before sending, indicating that the outgoing email is a bounce?

This might avoid receivers mail server to return bounced mail back, and should be visible as a icon/flag in receivers email client indication that the mail is a bounce.

Best Regards Kjell Inge Hestad


Yes. See this:

or this:

or, you could simply construct an email where the subject is something like "Automated Reply: Out-of-office" and the Body is anything you wish, and I'm sure it will appear as an automated reply also..


The term "flag" is typically associated with email found within an IMAP mailbox where the IMAP server manages flags associated with the email. These flags are not actually part of the MIME of the email, but are externally managed by the IMAP server.

When sending an email, there is nothing but the MIME. Therefore, the only think you can do is to set a header field. You would do this via the email.AddHeaderField method.


Thank's for the answer, but I'll try to rephrase as i find the answer a bit outside the scope (I'll try to explain better ^_^).

My question is: is it possible to send a mail (using mailman or using other Chilkat component) on such a way that the receiver recognize the email as a BOUNCE.

When receiving emails I can use the Chilcat Bounce Component ( to detect if the email is bounced.

Now I want to send an email and making it appear as an bounce, for example be forcing it to be received as one of these Bounce Types:

6 : Auto-Reply/Out-of-Office email. 7 : Transient message, such as "Delivery Status / No Action Required".

BR Kjell Inge


Great, I'll absolutely going to test this!

Thanks a lot - for quick feedback, good service, and an excellent product :-)

Have a nice day!

BR Kjell Inge Hestad